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Hey there!
Step into my office.


I'm here to take your picture.​ But first, let me tell you my story...


I didn't always have a camera in hand. I actually started with a paintbrush. Or if you want to go really far back, some crayons. Art had always been my thing, since I was a little girl. And nature has always given me the best inspiration. So I grew up with a wild imagination of exploration and adventure. Give me a forest and I'll tread through it, a mountain, and I'm on it!


One semester in college I decided to take a couple of photography classes, and bam! I found a new passion.


Well, it wasn't exactly like that. It took hard work, time, sweat and tears to make this something I could do for a living. Something I could share with the rest of the world.

Along the journey I found that I very much love to freeze those special moments for other people, It's like the camera became my own paintbrush and paint. And the world is the perfect setting. And you are the subjects just waiting to be put on canvas.

I started just shooting for friends and family. As I should have, I don't want to miss out on moments in my own life! But I've begun helping other people capture their forever memories as well. Couples, senior portraits, engagements, elopements, maternity, you name it! I always love a good story. Every story. Life is full of them, and I want to tell them for you... paint them with my metaphoric paintbrush if you will.


On a less cheesy note, I have done quite a bit of world traveling already, so bring on the destination shoots! I will go anywhere the love is... a.k.a. anywhere and everywhere.

If you'd like to talk to me personally I'm here for you! Let's capture your story.


All time fav:   my partner in crime and hunk of a husband, and one ball of fur, species unknown... jk... she's a dog

Favorite place to eat:   Kip's Cantina! two words - green chile.

The most beautiful place I've ever been:   Banff NP, Canada

Favorite candy:   sour straws

Favorite movies & TV:   Friends, The Proposal, NCIS

Favorite things to do:   hiking, rock climbing, art in any form, reading a good book

Favorite Ice cream flavor:   mint chocolate chip

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photographer modeling on rusted metal stairs
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