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Meet your Photographer

Hey there, I'm Kayla!

I understand that there are many times in our lives that we want to cherish. Those milestones, unique to each of us. Your wedding day. Your graduation. Your first, second, or fifth child. Your annual family photos. A date night with your significant other, or maybe you have something special planned during that date that you want documented?


That's why I'm dedicated to making you feel comfortable and true to yourself, so I can capture your love story in the most authentic way possible. Whether you're having an intimate backyard wedding or a grand celebration, a small family get together or an expanded family event, a simple or insanely creative senior session...

I'm here with my cameras, ready to capture every raw emotion, every special moment, and every detail. Let's create memories that will last you a lifetime.

Kayla Overright Photography, photographer with her camera in a New Mexico studio
Kayla Overright Photography, photographer with her camera in a New Mexico studio

Why I Love What I Do

I've always loved those candid moments. The ones full of laughter, and sometimes a little bit of chaos. It sets my soul on fire, and it all started when I was a young girl with a paintbrush.

You read that right, a paintbrush. All my life I've had the desire to create. What once started with paper and some paint or colored pencils began to lean toward taking still photographs like landscapes and wildlife. Then eventually I started capturing people.

It's a strange way to navigate toward what I do now, but I've enjoyed every step of the journey, and now I get to capture the magic for other people in the hopes that they will cherish their documented moments forever.

I also have an innate passion for travel, and my clients have had me travel as far north as Idaho, and as far east as Florida. I'm always willing to go where my clients are, so if you're one of those people who live further away from New Mexico and are ready to work with me, let me pack my bags and capture your love story for you!

I would be honored to capture your love story and be a small part of your life for a moment. Let's create something beautiful together.

Kayla Overright Photography, wedding photo of candles
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